Electronic Knit Series

Electronic Double Knit Jacquard Machine, with SS actuators for 3 position needle selection on the cylinder.

Technical details
Diameter: 30" - 38"
Gauge: 18G - 36G
Frame: V Frame
Feeds: 72 - 84
Take Up System: ACT - 2 motorized automatic friction roll system
End Use: Mattress Ticking, Home Textiles
Fabric Potential: Jacquard, Mesh, Mattress, Spacer
Yarn Feed System: SFE (1 unit / F) 1 ring
Optional Extras: - Overhead bobbin rack - OD3 open width take up - ACT-3 large take up on high legs - ACT-4 motorized automatic take up for soft winding - Parts for eight lock fabrics with interlock gating positive needle selection - Parts for elastomeric yarn plating, quilting, single mesh, and spacer fabrics - Cylinder cams for fine gauge elastomeric yarns - Additional cams for 4 position ( Knit, Tuck, Welt, Support) needle selection - Yarn feeding device for fine gauge "ultra feeder" by BTSR, LGL compact by LGL electronics & MSF2 by MEMMINGER-IRO] - Yarn carrier fitted on a yarn carrier ring - Ceramic yarn carrier - Cadratex fabric spreader - MEMMINGER-IRO pulsonic oiler - Auto oiler & air-timer unit - Lint fans - Flutter blower - Top stop motions - Bottom stop motions with slub catchers

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