Double Knit Series

Multi purpose 37 step double jersey mini jacquard, with our Rotary Drop Cam System (RDS) on the dial. New "M" frame with quick change dial and cylinder along with ACT-7 fabric take up system.

Technical details
Diameter: 30" - 38"
Gauge: 18G - 36G
Feeds: 72 - 84
Take Up System: Automatic winding with 2 servomotors (80W)
End Use: Sports & Leisure, Apparel
Fabric Potential: Jacquard, Jersey
Yarn Feed System: Memminger MPF-20P1F
Optional Extras: - Large take up and high leg (max roll dia 850mm) - Elastomeric yarn feeding device - Pulsonic Oiler - Cadratex fabric spreader - Card puncher - Paper cards

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