Electronic Knit Series

The latest generation of electronic double jersey jacquard machines for mattress ticking fabrics, with 3 - way needle selection on the cylinder and 2 - way selection on the dial.

Technical details
Diameter: 36"-42"
Gauge: 12G - 28G
Cylinder Needle Selection: 3 Position
Feeds: 64 - 80
Dial Needle Selection: 2 Position
Take Up System: ACT - 7 Servo Motor
End Use: Mattress Ticking, Apparel
Fabric Potential: Jacquard, Jersey, Mattress, Spacer
Yarn Feed System: LGL Compact Units with MPF-P units for inlay yarns
Optional Extras: - Extra high leg take up (1000mm max dia roll size) - LGL Attivo (constant take up device) - Parts for elastromeric yarn plating - MKS pattern preparation system

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