Single Knit Series

Single Knit Three Thread Fleece Machine, high quality plating fabrics and increased productivity with multi-feeders and high speed operation.

Technical details
Diameter: 26" - 36"
Gauge: 14G - 32G
Frame: MXC Frame
Feeds: 84 - 116
Sinker Cams: Double Push
Take Up System: ACT - 7 servo motor controlled friction roll system
End Use: Sports & Leisure, Apparel
Fabric Potential: Mesh, Fleece
Yarn Feed System: MPF - 20L1 (1 unit /F) 2 rings / 3 tapes
Optional Extras: - OD5 open width take up - Overhead bobbin rack - Large take-up on high legs (max roll dia 850mm) - Additional cams and needles for 4 race - Parts for elastomeric yarn plating - Parts for pique fleece - Parts for mesh fleece - Cams for loose stitch density - Yarn length meter - Normal CADRATEX fabric spreader - MEMMINGER-IRO pulsonic oiler - Auto oiler & auto blowing - Lint Fans - Two door specification - Double handle specification

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