Single Knit Series

High Production Single Knit Machine, a lower frame gives easier access to knitting head along with re designed ceramic yarn carriers resistant to wear and suitable for all types of yarn.

Technical details
Diameter: 26" - 38"
Gauge: 20G - 50G
Frame: MXC Frame
Feeds: 84 - 120
Sinker Cams: Treble Push
End Use: Sports & Leisure, Apparel
Fabric Potential: Fleece, Pile, Jersey
Yarn Feed System: MPF - 20LI System
Optional Extras: - Parts for Elastomeric plating - Additional cams for 4 track structures - Filter flow - Pulsonic Oiler - Yarn length meter - Fabric scanner - Conversion kit to three thread fleece S3.2DF or pile S3.2PL

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