Single Knit Series

Single Knit Body Size Raceway machine, with ultra high speed operation. A machine with high productivity and also the newly developed HXC frame.

Technical details
Diameter: 12"-24"
Gauge: 16G-28G
Frame: HXC Frame
Feeds: 4 Feeds/inch
Sinker Cams: Treble Push
Take Up System: MCT-7 Mechanical lower friction roll system
End Use: Sports & Leisure, Apparel
Fabric Potential: Garment Length
Yarn Feed System: MPF 10L1 2 rings / 2 tapes
Optional Extras: - Overhead bobbin rack or side standing creel, - Additional cams & needles for knitting pique & single inlay, - Filter flow (a must item for high speed operation), - Auto oiler & auto blowing, - Lint fan (a must item for high speed operation) - MEMMINGER-IRO Pulsonic oiler - Yarn length meter - ATSS (Automatic tape speed system)

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