Electronic Knit Series

Electronic Double Jersey Jacquard Transfer Machine, with new synchronized and delayed camming system, also RDS cam system for quick and easy changes to the dial.

Technical details
Diameter: 30" - 38"
Gauge: 12G - 18G
Frame: V Frame
Feeds: 32 - 40
End Use: Apparel
Fabric Potential: Jacquard, Mesh, Transfer
Yarn Feed System: SFE (2 units / F) 1 ring YS2 (1 unit / F) 1 ring / 2 tapes
Optional Extras: - Overhead bobbin rack, - Large take up on high legs (max roll dia 850mm), - OD3 open width frame for crease free fabrics - ACT - 4 motorized automatic take up - Cams for coarse stitch - Cams for delayed timing - Parts for elastomeric yarn plating - Parts for interlock gating - CADRATEX fabric spreader - MEMMINGER-IRO pulsonic oiler - Auto oiler - Lint fans - Top stop motions - Bottom stop motions with slub catcher - Cylinder / dial change tool

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