Circular Knitting Machinery

Circular knitting machines may be classified into three categories according to the stitch formation method and the structure of knitting elements, i.e.single knit machines, double knit machines and electronic jacquard machines.


Many types of circular knitting machines are now produced for making fabrics suitable for various end uses.

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Electronic Knit Series

A multi-feed, super high speed electronic jacquard mattress ticking machine which has 2 - way needle selection on the cylinder and 2 - race exchange cams on the dial. Having 108 feeds (on 38") with a speed factor of 900, this machine achieves up to 23 RPM.


Double Knit Series

Double Jersey Mini Jacquard, with RDS (Rotary Drop Cam System) cams on dial and quick change dial / cylinder.


Single Knit Series

Single Knit Raceway Machine,


Single Knit Series

Single Knit Course Gauge Raceway machine, highly flexible and can easily be converted to E3.2RE for use throughout the seasons.


Single Knit Series

High Production Single Knit Machine, a lower frame gives easier access to knitting head along with re designed ceramic yarn carriers resistant to wear and suitable for all types of yarn.

Results 6 - 10 of 44