Circular Knitting Machinery

Circular knitting machines may be classified into three categories according to the stitch formation method and the structure of knitting elements, i.e.single knit machines, double knit machines and electronic jacquard machines.


Many types of circular knitting machines are now produced for making fabrics suitable for various end uses.

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Single Knit Series

Single Knit Body Size Raceway machine, with ultra high speed operation. A machine with high productivity and also the newly developed HXC frame.


Double Knit Series

Double knit, eight lock machine. The increased number of feeders (3.2/inch) combined with increased machine speed provides much higher production when compared with our conventional "8ME" series machines. The newly developed cam system ensures that high quality fabrics are produced.


Double Knit Series

The QG series resolves problems associated with coarse gauge garments using a vastly different 1:4 gauge ratio between the cylinder and the dial.


Electronic Knit Series

The latest generation of electronic double jersey jacquard machines for mattress ticking fabrics, with 3 - way needle selection on the cylinder and 2 - way selection on the dial.


Electronic Knit Series

Electronic Double Knit Machine

Results 1 - 5 of 44